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“This book is loaded with great lessons on how to successfully exit your business. It will give you valuable insights that can change your mindset!”

Brian Tracy

“Business owners often don’t have the time and foresight to think about exit planning, and it is one of the most important – and overlooked – aspects of the planning process. Dan’s case studies provide valuable insights for today’s financial professionals involved in exit planning, while uncovering his wealth of knowledge in the business owner market.”

John DiMonda*
SVP, Head of Lincoln Financial Advisors

“Having worked with Dan for well over 20 years in the most complex and diverse situations imaginable, I can say in complete sincerity and confidence that there are none better. High praise indeed, but as the executive director for 19 years of a private high-net-worth advisory group, I can confirm that Dan is ‘Top of Class.’ His subject matter expertise, his compassionate ‘bedside manner,’ and his ability to advise and guide a client in a trusting, highly productive relationship, above all is unique and unparalleled. This book illustrates all the tools and techniques while inviting readers into further meaningful, relational connections.”

Russ Jones*
Executive Director of Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services

“Who doesn’t love a good story? Well, you’re in for a treat because these are 17 GREAT stories in this book! You can tell from these case studies that Dan has “been there, done that,” and that he’s passionate about passing that knowledge and expertise along to others. I also know this from personal experience, having been colleague of Dan’s for about three decades. Equity Strategies Group has been integral in helping our clients achieve the successful exit they had always hoped for. If you love a good story, and are a business owner or advisor – then this is the book for you!”

Dianna Parker*, CFP®, CBEC®
Business Intelligence Institute (BII) Executive Director

“Equity Strategies Group has been an invaluable resource for our financial advisors and their business-owner clients. ESG’s bench strength, access to industry specialists, and deep desire to help the privately held business owner is what sets it apart. Thanks Dan and the ESG team for all you do in the business owner marketplace. You are a treasure!”

Nathan Truax*
Director of Advisor Development, LFA and CEO of Business Transfer Consultants

“I’ve known Dan for almost 20 years, and he has been one of the top financial professionals at Lincoln Financial Advisors’ elite think tank, The Resource Group. He has shared valuable insights with both his peers and clients, and is well-respected throughout the organization for his knowledge of business owner exit strategies. I recommend you read his new book!”

Pete Giaccio*
Chief Executive of The Resource Group(Retired)