one way out:

Two Essential Guides for Achieving Your Optimal Business Exit

one way out

Two Essential Guides for Achieving Your Optimal
Business Exit

About the Author

Daniel A. Prisciotta

Daniel A. Prisciotta, CFP®, CPA, PFS, ChFC, CBEC®, is the founder and Managing Partner of Equity Strategies Group, which guides business owners and their advisors to develop and execute successful business exit strategies. He is also the founder of Lincoln Financial Network’s Business Intelligence Institute (BII) and serves on its leadership committee. With over 30 years of exit planning and wealth preservation experience, he has developed a unique process to ensure the optimal value for internal and external business transfers. His previous books include Defend Your Wealth: Protecting Your Assets in an Increasingly Volatile World and One Way Out: How to Grow, Protect, and Exit from Your Business. 

Dan is a frequent keynote speaker at numerous industry events. He has been interviewed on television, radio, and also quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business and The Los Angeles Times. He is highly sought after by other financial professionals to collaborate and lend his expertise in planning for complex business transitions. Dan is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS degree in Accounting. He resides in the New York City metro area.

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one way out - the case studies

17 Successful Business Exits for Fulfillment and Financial Independence

One Way Out – The Case Studies adds a new and valuable dimension to the exit strategies described in Dan Prisciotta’s definitive book One Way OutHow to Grow, Protect, and Exit From Your Business. It features lively interviews and expert sidebars that vividly illustrate 17 different business exits that have paid off handsomely for owners and their families. This book will add a new dimension to the exit paths and process described in One Way Out: How to Grow, Protect, and Exit From Your Business and bring those principles to life.

one way out

How to Grow, Protect, and Exit From Your Business

one way out

How to Grow, Protect, and Exit From Your Business

You will exit from your business someday, and your ultimate success will be defined by how well you plan your departure. In today’s volatile world of global economic turmoil, new tax laws, and regulations, you need to know where you are heading – grooming your business now to provide for your long-term personal goals.