“Exiting your business is a complex and irreversible endeavor. This compelling book provides a glimpse into 17 business exit case studies that illuminate the financial element of an exit transaction, dove-tailed with the human element. Dan is a true thought leader in this space, so do yourself, your family, and your employees a favor and read this book!”

Joseph W. Brezden*, CLU®, ChFC®, CFBS, CRPC®, CBEC® & Michael J. Brezden*, CFA
Brezden Wealth Advisors

“For business owners and those who professionally serve them, Dan Prisciotta takes you on a journey that will open your heart and mind to the importance of getting your exit right for you and the next generations of your family.”

John Marshall*
Founding Partner, TRG, The Resource Group

“As a successor of a family business, one thing I know well is that business owners are subject-matter experts. They live and breathe their businesses. However, when it comes to business planning, there are many outside and interconnected issues (legal, tax, creditor, financial, etc.) that are foreign to the business owner. Bringing in a quarterback with their team of experts allows the business owner to know the opportunities and challenges. From selling for the highest dollar to making sure those dollars aren’t lost to excessive taxation, while utilizing a time-tested process with a team of advisors, is critical to making the process both efficient and controllable to the business owner, the backbone of our country.”

Matthew Roberson, CFP®, CBEC®
Arete Wealth Advisors, LLC

“The ESG team is an excellent resource for my business-owner clients. They have time-tested, proven processes to help business owners develop exit plans and then execute them with confidence. Most importantly, they take the time to get to know each business owner’s unique situation. I had a business owner tell me that he was impressed with ESG’s professionalism and timeliness, but most of all the fact that adding ESG to his exit team made him feel like he was going through the process with a group of trusted friends that genuinely cared about the outcome and the effects it would have on him and his family. Working with ESG is always an enriching experience for both my clients and my practice!”

Paul J. Meyer*, CEPA, CBEC, CRPC
Sagemark Consulting

“One Way Out – The Case Studies is not only incredibly informative—an essential handbook that should be on every owner’s desk—but is a great read as well! Dan’s work has brought value to all of the clients I have introduced him to, as well as to their other advisors involved in the sale process.”

Douglas B. Richmond*, CBEC®
Director, Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services

“Dan’s expertise and guidance through the process made it a wonderful experience for all.”

Tara L. Blair*, CPA*, CFP®
Business Intelligence Institute (BII) Specialist